Spherical Polystyrene® (PB)


Spherical Polystyrene Blast Cleaning Media



Part Designation Sieve Size Inches Millimeters
PB-1 18/30 .039/.024 .99/.61
PB-2 30/45 .024/.014 .61/.36
PB-2.5 35/45 .020/.014 .50/.36
PB-3 45/100 .014/.006 .36/.15
PB-4 60/100 .010/.006 .25/.15

• Sizing specification: Minimum 99.0% +/-0.005in. (0.127mm) of target size range
• Due to physical characteristics, certain atmospheric conditions may cause extra levels of static cling or clumping
• Anti-Static solutions are available from Maxi-Blast


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  • Non-abrasive, spherical design provides excellent results when deflashing sensitive electronic components or delicate rubber parts.
  • Exact sizing eliminates lodging in slots and holes and lowers inspection expenses.
  • Unique composition leaves no residue and eliminates costly part cleaning operations.
  • Polystyrene bead is clean and dust free, creating a healthier and safer work environment.
  • Polystyrene bead is non-toxic and poses no silicosis hazards to workers.
  • Offers very effective deflashing of gold-plated leads while not harming the plating.